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Screenshot of TL
Screenshot of TL
Screenshot of TL
Screenshot of TL


  1. Download the installer by clicking on the button below

  2. Start it and follow instructions
  1. Download the disk image by clicking on the button below

  2. Mount it and install the application as usual. Common pitfalls

Please open AUR and install the launcher with your preferred method

If yay is your preferred AUR helper, then just execute the following command:

yay -S tlauncher

Please open Flathub and follow the instructions

In order to disable Microsoft account requirement, execute the following command:

flatpak --user override ch.tlaun.TL --env=TL_BOOTSTRAP_OPTIONS="-Dyoutu.be=dQw4w9WgXcQ"
  1. Download the package (.deb) by clicking on the button below

  2. Open the package file with "Software Install"

  3. Install the package as usual

  4. When the package is installed, you can find and start the launcher

  1. Download and install the most recent Java LTS for your platform (for example from Adoptium).
  2. Download and start the launcher's .jar file. It will install all required dependencies automatically.


Is it free?

Yes, the launcher is completely free of charge.

There is no and will never be no paid features.

Is it safe?

TL Legacy is completely safe. If you download it from this website it is guaranteed to be free of any malware.

In case you're familiar with Java, a security enthusiast, or just want to play around, there's the source code available for you.

Isn't this a piracy?

Well, yeah. Minecraft itself is not a free game.

Cracked Minecraft probably exist for as long as the ordinary Minecraft does.

You can play both single- and multiplayer (only limited to cracked server). Some awesome features are only available to those who has bought the game, though.

Anyway, if you like this game, consider buying it :)

Can I install mods?

Yeah, sure!

There are popular Forge and Fabric versions in the launcher that can be installed automatically in just a few clicks. You can also install Forge and Fabric manually, just like with the official launcher.

Can I change my skin in TL Legacy?

Yeah, sure!

You and your friends should use a free Ely.by account. Check out Accounts menu in the launcher.

Does TL support portability?

Yes, it does.

You can download the portable build here. Instructions are included in the archive.

There is another launcher called TLauncher. Are you related?

Long story short, owners of TLauncher.org registered the trademark "TLauncher" and forced us to change our name to TL.

You can read the whole story here.

Minecraft doesn't start or work properly! What should I do?

It happens :) You can contact our free support (see below).


You can always contact us if something isn't working or not working as expected.

Our experienced developers and volunteers will try to help you.